Paring KnifeEvery household has at least one or two paring knives, but they’re likely dull and not appropriately considered given that, second maybe to the Chef’s knife, they’re the most popular knives in the kitchen. Keep in mind that however diminutive, this knife forms part of your knife collection’s foundation.

There are several styles of paring knives for various uses. For example, the bird’s beak is used for peeling rounded fruits and creating vegetable garnishes. The serrated paring knife is best for cutting citrus peel or sectioning grapefruit. And the straight edge classic, 3- to 4-inch knife is used for precision tasks like coring, mincing, peeling, dicing, and decorating.

The ideal paring knife stays sharp and fits easily in your hand for optimal control. Look for high-carbon stainless steel to keep that edge sharp for longer and a blade that is thin enough for the intricate tasks at hand.


Best Paring Knives

Shun Classic 3.5-inch paring knife Shun Classic Paring Knife

At 3.5-inches, this paring knife is lightweight and precise.

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Wusthof Gourmet Series 3-piece Paring Knife set Wusthof Gourmet Series 3-piece Paring Knife Set

This set includes a traditional paring knife, a peeling knife and a bird’s beak style knife.

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