Kyocera Ceramic Black Chef's KnifeThere’s something irresistable about a gorgeous piece of cutlery.  And more often than not, they’re made with excellence in mind.  This week, we’re calling out Kyocera’s black ceramic beauty of a chef’s knife.  Unlike even it’s high-end steel counterparts, the zirconium oxide blade resists staining, rust and wear (it’s not as maleable as steel and holds its edge).  Ceramic is also non-stick by nature.  Just make sure you handle with care and don’t drop this knife! 

Customer Shout-Outs:

“It has held it’s razor edge sharpness better than the other high quality carbon or stainless cutlery in our (knife) block.” — Richard from FL
“”Very sharp, light and cuts everything with little pressure; you never will saw back and forth to cut anything again.”  — George from CA

“We have used and appreciate Kyocera’s re-sharpening service. I had abused the knife by cutting through a chicken bone and chipped the edge. Kyocera restored the edge and returned it good as new.” — Richard from KY