About the Brand: Chef’s Choice Chef’s Choice cemented their name among the ranks of kitchenware greats in 1985 when they came out with a game-changing electric knife sharpener that suddenly made sharpening stones look positively primitive. Julia Child, Jacques Pepin and Craig Claiborne all soon sang its praises. Since that day they’ve added meat slicers, manual sharpeners, and kitchen knives, as well as small appliances, to their lineup.

All Chef’s Choice products seem to keep a keen eye on innovation and durability. For example, their fully forged, American-made knives are made from extra-hard patented Trizor steel for enduring sharpness. But it’s their knife sharpeners that they’re still most famous for. They make over 100 models, ranging from 15-degree edge Asian knife sharpeners to manual diamond hone scissor sharpeners.

Recommended For: DIY-ers and serious home cooks who like to sharpen their own knives