Sometimes dropping a big wad of cash on a worthy investment is the right thing to do. We stand behind these bigger ticket items as knives that will last you your life (with the proper care, of course). We’ve put together our own “dream” set of kitchen knives.

Global Santoku KnifeGlobal Santoku Knife

A Santoku knife should be an everyday indulgence. It’s the all-purpose knife found in every Japanese kitchen, with the hollow edge that easily releases food when slicing. The all-steel Global makes one of the best on the market. Get more info >

Shun Classic Carving SetShun Classic Carving Set

Encased in a bamboo box with ebony-black PakkaWood handles that have a slight D curved for a good grip, this set gets points in the looks department. The attractive “wave” pattern on the finely-crafted knife helps makes slicing turkey and roasts a dream. Get more info >

Guy Fieri by Ergo Chef Steak KnivesGuy Fieri by Ergo Chef Steakhouse Knife Set

Made of carbon steel with a full tang, a serrated tip for tougher cuts, notched groove for your finger for blade control and those cool Fieri star rivets, these steak knives rise above the competition. Get more info >


Kyocera Black Ceramic Knife SetKyocera Black Ceramic Knife Set

Ceramic knives are renowned for their incredible hardness and lightweight, minimalist, sleek designs and their resistance to any kind of wear or corrosion. Kyocera’s black knife set also makes a serious style statement. Get more info >


Chef's Choice Professional Sharpening StationChef’s Choice Professional Sharpening Station

There are varying opinions on the best way to maintain your knife’s blade. If you are looking for a no-fuss, versatile sharpener, this machine sharpens them all: straight-edge, serrated, Asian-style or sport knives. First they go through the diamond abrasives, then the steel refining and finally the “stropping” disk slot for polishing. Get more info >